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Sydney Festival is Australia's premier annual cultural event featuring a rich program in dance, theatre, music, visual arts, cross media and forums. FuseFarm was appointed the principle web developer and has been a proud sponsor of the Festival since 2007.

In continuing relationship with Sydney Festival, we enrolled in a range of design and technical services including online strategy, website design and configuration, Content Management System (CMS) implementation, online media production and the provision of a media asset management tool.



Upholding the integrity of the Sydney Festival brand was paramount in our projects for Sydney Festival. We strived to improve design and usability based on feedback, usability reviews and our experience in web production.

What we implemented was a range of community-driven tools including blogs, community features and ratings. These technologies have been welcomed with overwhelming success with users now being able to share their reviews, ratings and comments.

In addition to these accomplishments, the site is designed to be accessible to everyone including the visually impaired by ensuring the site adheres to the latest accessibility standards. We configured the site so that tickets can be purchased from a number of ticketing outlets to give provide a seamless experience for users.
In recognition that all facets of the site require administered updates, our team implemented a customised version of FuseCMS that gives Sydney Festival complete update event, venue, ticketing, artist and corporate information.

For Sydney Festival PR, we installed a terrific media asset management system that allocates images to various media representatives.



FuseFarm is proud to be a sponsor of the Sydney Festival. In our 3 years of involvement we have attended a number of contemporary events in music, theatre, arts and performance. We had a particular fondness of the Beck's Bar where we could be found on any given night.

  • Administered Services
  • Website strategy
  • Interface design
  • Custom development
  • Application development
  • Online media production
  • Audio / video services
  • Community features
  • CMS implementation
  • Online marketing

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