Suncorp-Metway: DIY Website Builder

Client: Suncorp / Industry: Financial Services / Solution:


FuseFarm partnered with Suncorp to develop a strategy that enabled one advisor network to produce automated websites. The assignment was to build a highly complex system that advisors could use to easily launch and manage a website, within an overriding program for Suncorp to monitor and approve content.


What our team developed was an robust system that automatically produces a website once the advisor has entered all details about the their business. The advisor selects from a number of professional templates and the system transfigures the information into a visually engaging, standard-compliant website. If required, a domain name and email address can be automatically purchased. The system is readily accessed through integration with a different platform that utilises a single sign-on mechanism.

FuseFarm continually supports advisers by providing custom styles and modules as required. The system has workflow controls to ensure that each change to the website is approved by Suncorp.


Administered Services

  • Website strategy
  • Interface design?
  • DIY website engine?
  • Custom development?
  • Community features?
  • CMS implementation

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