The not-so-short of it is this...

FUSEFARM started in 2002 as interactive agency who loved a good challenge. We took on a range of of projects for high-profile and boutique clients, spanning many industries, and are proud of what we've produced.

WE built our business on the foundations of strong relationships, a solid technology suite and plenty of hard work. It worked, and we stand by our track-record of successful deliveries.

Worked with some of Australia’s biggest names including Telstra, Sony, ING, Colgate, WebCentral, Nissan Trucks

Appointed online agency for Sydney
Festival for 3 years

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Appointed online agency for Mt Buller Ski Field for 3 years

BRW upstarts for 2 years running


Australia’s first instant, automated life insurance system

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(Heart) the web

We love the web - though we think it can be a better place. Over the years we’ve developed a range of technology to make the web more accessible, easier to use and engaging.

Our products are based on best of breed solutions and our deep experience as both web producers and users. It’s our challenge to take complex things and make them easy and beautiful.


A comprehensive suite of web management technologies, tailored for the corporate and SME market



A DIY website builder allowing people, businesses and communities to build professional, interactive websites in minutes


Home Loan Hints

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Sydney Festival

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Three Weeds Bar

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Sydney Italian Festival

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Web Central Solution Builder


There's no z in 'team'

Our team covers the core foundations of web production: strategists, interface designers, programmers, testers and managers. At times we stick to our job description but it’s our ability to wear multiple hats, and be open to new ideas, that makes us a truly effective team.

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Four walls and a roof

Over the years we’ve had quite a few offices and we’ve loved them all. They range from boat sheds to terraces to warehouses. As a theme, they all have history we’ve made them cool places to work.

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In Summary

Today, as a thriving interactive agency we are driven by the same philosophy as when we were formed. We feed on the challenges of the online world and enjoy harnessing the latest in new interactive technologies.

We are more than just a web development business trying meet client needs. We are a group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical gurus inspired to create a virtuous and functional web.

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