Our capable of team of highly talented strategists, interface designers, programmers, testers and managers are all experts in their fields. As individuals, we each excel in our own areas. As a team, our combined skills and raw dedication make us an effective interactive agency that delivers outstanding results. We share a continued sense of pride in the delivery of our projects, which is vital to the success and growth of our business.

In true partnership, we invite you meet with us over a beverage to discuss your needs and share a few laughs.


Ben Kay

FuseFarm founder and director Ben Kay had a vision – to create a leading interactive agency forged on meaningful client relationships, a lively team culture, and cutting-edge web technology.

Ben’s ability to pull together a team of cohesive set of individuals, who are not only high talented, but have a continued sense of pride in the delivery of projects has been key to FuseFarm’s continued growth.

Ben has taken on many roles as leader of FuseFarm including:

  • Overseeing the delivery of hundreds of successful web projects
  • Strategic & technical architect for many business-critical applications
  • Interface designer and creative director for a number of acclaimed sites
  • Principal consultant for the production of Australia's first instant-issue, automated life insurance system
  • Won numerous tenders to provide web services to high-profile Australian firms
  • Hands on involvement in the design and build of FuseFarm’s hosting facility
  • Producer of DIY website builder for Suncorp and FuseYou
  • Principal analyst for visual sales tool for WebCentral

As a leader, Ben is committed to creating a strong internal culture through the integration of team-building activities. From time to time you will find us bowling, playing tennis, attending a gym session or our favourite, having after work drinks on a Friday evening.

Ben cut his teeth as web consultant for IBM Global Services, CSC Australia and a number of web agencies in Sydney and London before founding FuseFarm.

Ben enjoys music, traveling, sharing a bottle of fine wine and quality time with family and friends.


Joe Truong

Production Manager and technical wizard Joe Truong is a prolific expert in the design and development of websites and interactive solutions. Equipped with over 10 years experience in the web development process, Joe has been entrusted by clients for advice and in the continued support and development of client websites.

With proven skills in web architecture, usability, design, HTML, SEO, Project & Team Management, Joe has facilitated a number of projects for top-notch clients including ING, Sydney Festival, TEN network, Virgin Blue, EyeCorp, Colgate and the ABC.

Joe enjoys an occasional beer and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Walter Deane

System engineer and technical maestro Walter Deane has been pivotal in the development of web sites for clients and companies across Europe, Australia and the US. His ingenuity in Internet/Application Development, Flash Scripting, HTML Scripting and Video Compression is exhibited in a career of over 10 years and collaborating with some leading companies such as Aviva Australia, Tower Australia, Webcentral, HSBC, Nicabate and Mastercard.

Walter enjoys an eclectic mix of unusual arts including boat building, fire fighting, fishing, beer brewing and international cuisine cooking.


Marcus Babajews

Senior developer and technical consultant Marcus Babajews is a gifted software engineer flaunting 11 years of experience in Australia, UK, France, and Switzerland.

With a high level of interpersonal, analytic and technical skill, Marcus collaborates meaningfully with clients by understanding their needs, communicating possible solutions and translating these into technical solutions.

He is highly proficient in C, C++, C#, PHP and Javascript and has designed and developed of a range of applications including enterprise level-web solutions, low-level firmware for appliances, visualisation and CAD systems.

He has also developed applications on Windows and UNIX based systems as evidenced in projects for top clients including Aviva Australia, Suncorp, Sydney Festival, Adaptec, CERN, Direct Life Insurance and Jersey European Airline.

Off duty, Marcus enjoys surfing, traveling, playing guitar and drinking full-bodied malty lager.


Jessica Kriklewicz

Audacious designer Jessica Kriklewicz has worked across a myriad of creative domains including print design, corporate identity, event management and fashion. As a budding web designer, Jessica has thrived in her role as the principal designer for Sydney Festival, Sydney Italian Festival and In2Arts.

When Jess is not dabbling in her duties at FuseFarm, she enjoys illustrating, designing clothes, traveling, listening to music and playing dress-ups.



Our beloved bookkeeper.